With fylr, reliable media repositories and systems for image and multimedia file management can be set up. fylr is completely flexible. The data model is customized via a graphical interface. Programming knowledge is not required.

fylr replaces the predecessor software easydb. The newly programmed update enables individual and structured management of content in the field of digital asset management as well as in the context of education, science and culture.

The new fylr server is now programmed in Go. This offers performance advantages and new features. fylr has an improved design, but the layout is the same as easydb, which ensures a short learning time.

fylr will be offered starting in 2023.

Screenshot from the fylr software dashboard


fylr and easydb 5 are compatible as they use the same programming interface (API). Additionally, it is possible to deploy fylr in Docker,  Kubernetes environments. Furthermore, fylr can store assets, which are files, in S3 storage.


fylr is now programmed in the language Go, which makes it faster and requires fewer resources than systems with a different foundation.



Screenshot from the fylr software dashboard

fylr Key Features

Explore fylr’s key features tailored for efficient digital asset and collection management:

  • Core Features: Fully web-based with versatile tools and comprehensive user interface.
  • Import: Streamlined uploads, including WebDAV integration.
  • Query and Search Results: Advanced search options and customizable display.
  • Output Features: Detailed record display and standard/custom PDF outputs.
  • Export: Convert and download, export metadata in various formats. fylr can also act as an IIIF server.
  • Editor: Full-screen editing with detailed change history.
  • Folders & Presentations: Manage compilations, share folders, and create presentations.
  • Rights Management: Granular access control and integration with authentication services like OAuth2.
  • Customization: Personalize with logos, colors, and custom CSS.
  • Connector & Interface: Cross-search capabilities and RESTful API access.
  • Plugins: Integration with CI-Hub, CMS systems, and external tagging services.
  • Extensions & Apps: License extension feature and apps for iOS and Android (registration in progress).

fylr is designed for use as a classic DAM and in education, science and culture

Digital Asset Management

  • Press Offices
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Company-wide
  • Product Management

Universities and institutes

  • Media repositories
  • Image archives
  • Slide libraries
  • For research and teaching
  • Presentations
  • Working groups


  • Digital collection management
  • Rights management
  • Metadata management
  • Controlled vocabularies
  • Documentation


  • Digital inventory management
  • Indexing
  • Classification
  • Research

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