Features List of fylr

fylr Features

Core Features

  • Fully web-based
  • Used as cataloging, research, and portal software
  • Supports all common image formats and PDF
  • Main Menu: New Record, Search, Lists, Administration, Basic Configuration, Rights Management, Tools, and Information
  • Right-click context menu
  • Lasso tool for selection
  • Multi-language support in frontend, data content, and search queries, UTF8 encoding
  • Object types with varying data field structures
  • Control of access rights for departments via pools
  • Publicly accessible documentation


  • Single and multiple file upload via web browser
  • Upload of directories and their files
  • Upload via WebDAV shares
  • Optional use of metadata profiles during import
  • Drag & drop import
  • Duplicate check during import
  • Template feature in the new entry editor
  • CSV importer

Query and Search Results

  • Selection and combination of pools and object types for searching
  • Simple search with autocomplete and suggestion lists
  • Search for empty fields using logical operators: AND, OR, and NOT
  • Advanced search for targeted querying in specific fields
  • Filters for faceting, displaying the number of hits per filter
  • Combination of simple search, advanced search, and filters
  • Saved searches
  • Search within folders
  • Search using a thesaurus
  • Search results displayed as a gallery, text, or table

Output Features

  • Record display next to search results and in full screen
  • Zoom for images, player for video and audio files
  • Selection of masks to control displayed metadata
  • Standard PDF outputs: „Text“ and „Detail“
  • Custom defined PDF outputs


  • Convert and download
  • Export of metadata in CSV, XML, and JSON formats
  • Implementation of XSLT for metadata exports, for example, for LIDO exports
  • Interface for OAI-PMH harvesters
  • Persistent Identifier: Permanent referencing via a citable URL for the permanent discoverability of digital resources
  • fylr can act as an IIIF server: image and presentation API


  • Edit next to search results and in full screen
  • Selection of masks to control editable metadata
  • Change history in full screen editor
  • Group editor with field selection, templates, and „Search & Replace“
  • Tools: Rotate, Crop, and save custom versions

Folders & Presentations

  • Manage personal compilations
  • Share folders with internal users and guests
  • Grant access to folders for importing
  • Split-screen view: Display of folder overview, folder content, search with search results, and record side by side
  • Add search hits and new data from the desktop via drag & drop
  • Create and export presentations (PDF, PPTX) based on folders

Rights Management

  • Users and user groups
  • User profile editor
  • Assignment of create, read, write, and delete permissions
  • Permissions for individual records, object types, masks, pools, tags, folders, and lists
  • Integration of authentication and Single Sign-On services: OAuth2, Shibboleth, LDAP, AD, Kerberos
  • Workflow support through rights-dependent modification of records associated with tags
  • Watermark functionality for images
  • Use of default permissions settings


  • Customization of your own logo
  • Choice of color for highlighting
  • Use of custom CSS
  • Data modeling: Manage content in your own structure with custom masks
  • Separation between internal editorial and external portal areas
  • Integration of custom frontend and backend plugins
  • Notifications to users triggered by specific events

Connector & Interface

  • Connector: Connect fylr installations for cross-searches (read-only)
  • Restful API, access to:
  • WebDAV, two options:
    1. Dropfolder for uploading extensive datasets
    2. Read and write access


  • CI-Hub Integration (Adobe/Office): Images managed in fylr can be placed with their metadata into Adobe products supported by CI-Hub (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, InCopy) and Microsoft Office products (PowerPoint, Word, Excel). Utilizing the CI-Hub integration may incur additional costs from CI Hub GmbH.

  • For CMS Typo3, WordPress, or Drupal: With CMS plugins for Typo3, WordPress, or Drupal, images managed in fylr can be editorially used within the CMS.

  • Connection to external tagging service (cloudsight.ai): Integration with the Cloudsight API. fylr sends content to the image recognition tool Cloudsight for automated tagging using artificial intelligence. Please note that using Cloudsight services may incur costs that must be negotiated separately with CloudSight Inc.

Extensions & Apps

  • License Extension: The license can be extended to include usage rights for additional productive or test instances via an extension.
  • Smartphone App for iOS and Android (pending registration): Share and create collections, view and upload assets.